Maruthimmoodu church

Maruthimmoodu church near Adoor is one of the famous worshipping centres in central Travancore. It is the holy shrine of St. Jude. Built back in the 1970s the church is a popular pilgrim centre attracting tourists with its age-old architecture and rituals.

Perunthenaruvi waterfalls

Perunthenaruvi, meaning `great honey stream’, is located in the Western Ghats of the Sahyadri range. The waterfalls are known for their wide area rather than their height.The stream unites with the Pampa river.

It is situated 35 km from Vedagram.


Situated 10 km from Vedagram, Maramon is a small town near river Pampa. It is famous for the Maramon convention, the biggest Christian gathering in Asia.

Maramon is generally considered the centre of Christian culture and influence in India, and the birth place of Marthoma Sabha. The members of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church here are part of one of the Saint Thomas Christian communities which originated from the missionary activities of St Thomas in Malankara.

Mannadi, Adoor

Mannadi, situated near Adoor in Pathanamthitta, is where Veluthambi Dalava, the renowned freedom fighter of Travancore, sacrificed his life for his motherland.

The ancient Bhagavathy temple has some exquisite sculptures. A historical museum, a statue of Veluthampi Dalava and an open-air theatre are the major attractions here.

It is situated 30 km from Vedagram

Thenmala dam

Thenmala is the first eco-tourism destination in India, and the dam is built across the Kallada river.

It is a favourite tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists, with an array of attractions like boating, trekking, mountaineering, biking, rope bridge, and the musical fountain.

Palaruvi is a beautiful waterfall nearby. It also boasts of a deer rehabilitation center, where deer are protected in their natural habitat.

Thenmala is located 56 km from Vedagram.

Parthasarathy temple

It is one of the ancient temples located in the centre of Adoor. The temple is dedicated to Lord Parthasarathy, an incarnation of Lord Krishna, and is one of the oldest temples of the deity. The annual celebration of Gajamela, a traditional elephant festival, is conducted in the first quarter of February. The highlight of the festival is beautifully adorned nine elephants, who along with others take part in the procession carried towards the Chennappatti temple. The temple also celebrates ashtami rohini, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.

The temple is located 12 km from Vedagram.

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