It is one among the common neurological conditions characterised by preceding aura of sensory disturbances followed by severe headache often one sided along with nausea and irritability. Even though the exact cause remains unknown the following are found to trigger the condition, like exposure to sunlight for long time, suppression of hunger, thirst, intake of chocolates, frozen items, sleep deprivation, allergies,stress etc. The auto experienced by some act as a warning sign for the upcoming severe headache. These usually present as perceptual disturbances such as confusing thoughts, difficulty in speaking, stiffness in the shoulder, neck or limbs, unpleasant smells etc. Visual disturbances include the one similar to the sensation after being photographed with very bright camera flash especially if one walks into darker room straight away. Ayurveda considers migraine not only as a neurological condition but with a relation with the diet and lifestyle. Pitta is the main dosha involved which brings Agni dushti hence resulting in Ama. The acid-alkali balance has a major role in the occurrence of migraine. The management with internal and external therapies like Nasya can bring about major change in the condition. The diet and lifestyle modification also should be followed. Avoid spicy, sour, fermented items, excess use of caffeine, tea, chocolates, alcohol. Stress relief by pranayama and yoga is of good help. Vedagram offers best results even in severe cases of migraine.

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