Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder can be caused by variety of reasons such as trauma, inflammation, injury and rheumatic diseases. Usually diabetes is a triggering factor. Patients continue to have pain on the shoulder with restriction of movement, for years. Local steroid injection, analgesics, physiotherapy are the modern modalities. 

Ayurveda has a definite approach for this disease and Vedagram offers the best in Ayurveda for frozen shoulder. The first one is to counter the kapha dominance causing obstruction of free movement of vata. Inflammation is managed with proper rest and medication, and then the fibrosis that may occur during the period is managed with massage and oils of different kinds. A rejuvenation process of the joint is planned after, with exercises, medication and panchakarma. With in-patient treatment with panchakarma pain relief can be achieved within two weeks. If treated as outpatient, it takes 3-4 months.

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