Protection from covid

Covid 19 is a new viral disease spreading the entire globe.

3 factors are responsible for its transfer from any person to you.

  • Your immunity status.
  • An environment that holds the virus live.
  • Virulence of the virus.

The first two can be controlled by you which makes the third weak.

Food, exercises, sleep, age, stress and existing diseases are factors affecting your immunity. A virus free environment is decided by proximity, droplet blocks and air purifying disinfectants.

A proper understanding of all these conditions will help us to prescribe immunity booster drugs, environment cleaning methods and life style modifications helpful to you.

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Our Team

  • Dr. Saroja Varma MBBS DA
  • Dr. Ram Mohan BAM MBA
  • Dr. Pryadarsana BAMS MS Ay
  • Dr. Ajayan B Nair BAMS
  • Dr. Bindu R BHMS
  • Dr. Anizha Vinayan BAMS