Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder)

Inattention, hyperactivity, impulsiveness are the symptoms seen in ADHD. There is impairment in brain development. About 3% of the school-going children are said to have this disease. It is seen more commonly in boys compared to girls. The child finds it difficult to stick to one activity, easily gets distracted, cannot follow instructions from parents and teachers, loses his books, pens, pencils etc. often, answers before a question is completed, will be impatient to stay in a queue or row, cannot sit in a place for some time and keeps running about, always moving any part of the body, speaks and does things very fast. Usually children show these symptoms before 6 years.

Along with psychotherapy, speech therapy, behavior therapy etc., employing ayurvedic treatment modalities can speed up the improvement. Medicines to improve the digestive system, intellect and mental state are given in Ayurveda, as also panchakarma therapies. Vedagram has been able to provide the best ayurvedic treatment for ADHD.