About Us

Vedagram is an authentic resort like Ayurvedic hospital under the Veda Group, located at the blessed valley of the Sabarimala hill in Omalloor, Pathanamthitta district, South India. Set in a serene environment, Vedagram has been providing holistic health care since 1981. It combines the traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and advances in modern technology, with natural resources, to attain the goals of positive health care management. Thus making it one of the best Ayurveda Treatment Centres in Kerala..

Surrounded by rare medicinal plants and a tranquil landscape, Vedagram provides a perfect setting to heal the body, mind and soul, supported by the daily practice of Yoga. Its range of authentic Ayurvedic treatments is sure to cure you and leave you rejuvenated. The aim of the hospital is to provide holistic heal to patients through personalised care and support using highly competent facilities, including in-house production of medicines and organic food.

Vedagram follows indigenous protocols for slipped, prolapsed and degenerated disc, various arthritic conditions, allergic diseases, asthma, immunity problems in children, developmental disorders, learning disabilities, gynaecological and obstetrical problems, and digestive disorders, with specialist doctors in each department.It has been awarded the Green Leaf certificate by the state government.

The hospital provides Panchakarma therapies, the five-fold treatment based on Ayurvedic principles and also special treatment methods of Kerala.For general wellness programme, we provide the best Ayurvedic rejuvenation packages which help in natural detoxification of the body and restoration of a healthy body. Apart from rejuvenation therapies, Vedagram offers effective treatment facilities covering a variety of general diseases and conditions. The full-fledged OP departments, integrated with emergency medicine, render effective treatments for a wide range of diseases. The hospital also provides specialty treatments for various disorders, including those which have no effective treatments in modern medicine.

Vedagram offers diagnosis, care and the best in class Ayurvedic treatment for cervical and lumbar spondylosis, degeneration of bones of vertebrae and the disks between them. It also gives effective treatment for osteoarthritis, caused naturally or by injuries. The hospital also provides comprehensive evaluations, along with diagnosis, treatment and education for patients suffering from allergy and asthma. Ayurvedic treatment for asthma and allergy is provided at our centre.

Vedagram provides medical care and expert Ayurvedic treatments for psoriasis. For piles and fistula, ksharasuthra, aparasurgical procedure is effectively practiced here. Vedagram has effective treatments for various gynecological problems and infertility through ayurveda. It is also one of the rare centres in Kerala offering natural fertility augmentation, with pre- and post-natal care.

Integrative approaches in the children’s specialty clinic for developmental disorders that encompass a broad range of screening tests, procedures and therapies, are practiced here. Clinical initiatives adopted in this department are provided with facilities for treatment of autism, learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and dyslexia. The specialty centre at Vedagram offers the patients a wide range of services to diagnose and treat liver complaints including Hepatitis B and early cirrhosis and gastroenterology disorders.

Lifestyle diseases like hypertension, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, can be managed effectively with Vedagram’s special protocols. Deep muscle pain, sleep problems, anxiety, and depression expressed as fibromyalgia, are relieved through medication, massage techniques, lifestyle changes and stress management. Hemiplegia caused by injury to the brain, is cured here by providing comprehensive care and expert treatment.The hospital has a beauty clinic providing beauty treatments using herbal extracts.

The 24-hour emergency medical centre practices modern medicine, and has a well-stocked pharmacy attached to it. Apart from authentic Ayurvedic treatments, Vedagram also offers yoga therapy with trained practitioners. Veda Herbs and Drugs Private Ltd., the GMP-certified manufacturing unit, produces more than 600 traditional medicines and 26 patent formulations. The medicines used in the hospital are manufactured in this factory.The company also has a state-of-the-art quality control division and a cosmetic unit.

Vedagram has modern accommodation facilities, with a total of 20 rooms, from single to apartments, with attached treatment rooms on all floors.  Rooms, both A/C and non A/C, are available with a sit-out, living room, twin beds, kitchen, television and wi-fi.Healthy and tasty food as per diets of the patients is served at the dining hall, where the guests can choose from Indian or Kerala cuisines. Organic rice, vegetables and milk are provided by Veda Organics.

Vedagram has branches in Thiruvanthapuram, Thiruvalla and Konni. Situated at a distance of 130 km from the Nedumbasserry international airport and 100 km from the Thiruvanthapuram airport, Vedagram is easily accessible by road and by rail.It is the congenial atmosphere, authentic medicines, organic food and dedicated medical staff and services, with an experience of 35 years, which make Vedagram stand out from others, and also make it the choice centre of holistic healing.

Vedagram is a perfect blend of all that is best in the modern world of medicine, with its rich tradition and clinical expertise, promising the true spirit of healthy living to all.